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Open Inventor® is an object-oriented, cross-platform 3D graphics toolkit for the development of industrial-strength, interactive applications using C++, .NET or Java. Its easy-to-use API, its extensible ARChitecture, and its large set of advanced components provide developers with a high-level platform for rapid prototyping and development of 3D graphics applications.     Online:
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3D Graphics Toolkit for Industrial-Strength Application Developments

Open Inventor® is an object-oriented, cross-platform 3D graphics toolkit for the development of industrial-strength, interactive applications using C++, .NET or Java. Its easy-to-use API, its extensible ARChitecture, and its large set of advanced components provide developers with a high-level platform for rapid prototyping and development of 3D graphics applications.

Open Inventor - Object-oriented SDK
Open Inventor® object-oriented interface and numerous built-in components allows for rapid application prototyping and development.

Open Inventor avoids to re-invent the wheel and to re-implement rendering and scene management algorithms using low-level programming. So development teams will rapidly build functional prototypes and deploy profesional-grade 3D applications, while investing their resources in their specific domain expertise and innovation.

Object-oriented 3D API / Scenegraph
Open Inventor offers a comprehensive object-oriented set of more than 1300 ready-to-use classes integrated in a user-friendly framework for rapid development. The scene graph paradigm provides ready-to use graphics programming patterns and the truly object-oriented design encourages extensibility and customization to satisfy specific requirements.

Avoid low-level APIs
Don't re-invent the wheel. Using Open Inventor is fundamentally more productive as a result of being object-oriented, using good design patterns, automatically using all available features, automatically optimizing rendering and by implementing commonly used higher level functions so you don’t have to.

Maximum Flexibility
Open Inventor is a fully extensible platform and, unlike toolkits that hide the abstract hardware interface, Open Inventor still allows you
to call the lower level API directly if you need to. So any existing or custom code can be integrated into the OIV ARChitecture. You can develop any ‘custom node’, ‘custom Shader’ within the Open Inventor scene graph, and thus you can deploy this new framework while keeping all the benefits of your existing or proprietary developments.

Advanced development tools
The IvTune graphical utility is the definitive tool for prototyping and tuning 3D applications. Pluggable in any Open Inventor application, IvTune presents synchronized views of the scene graph: a 3D View, a Tree View, a node overview window, a field editor and a field watch. This allows for fast tuning and debugging at run time, and ideally complements the numerous code examples provided with Open Inventor for quick learning.

Platform-independent code
The Open Inventor cross-platform framework allows developers to design scalable and interactive 3D applications across the whole range of UNIX, Linux and Microsoft Windows systems. Resulting applications can be 100% source code compatible and only a recompilation is necessary to make it run on other platforms.

Open Inventor - First class 3D platform
Build upon Industry-standard OpenGL® rendering engine, Open Inventor delivers the most up-to-date 3D rendering techniques available and ensure that your application always benefits from the best 3D rendering quality. Furthermore, Open Inventor has been tuned for improved performance by utilizing the latest relevant OpenGL features and extensions, automatically taking care of OpenGL optimization techniques to provide optimal performance and a much higher-level programming interface.

Deliver compelling 3D graphics with optimized performance
To be competitive, a professional application integrating interactive 3D visualization must deliver top-quality graphics, to ensure that the visual representation of data is helping at best the perception and the understanding of the visualized data.

Open Inventor delivers the most up-to-date 3D rendering techniques available and ensure that our application always benefits from the best 3D visualization quality. The OpenGL Shaders rendering technique can be used to further enhance the 3D visual perception of the end-user by allowing the application of special effects

State-of-the-art 3D rendering
Build upon Industry-standard OpenGL® rendering engine, Open Inventor has been tuned for improved performance by utilizing the latest relevant OpenGL features and extensions, automatically taking care of OpenGL optimization techniques to provide optimal performance and a much higher-level programming interface.

Advanced support of OpenGL Shaders
The OpenGL Shaders rendering technique can be applied to any Open Inventor shapes to further enhance the 3D visualization perception of the end-user by allowing the application of special effects. ARB_ language, NVIDIA Cg and OpenGL Shading Language are fully supported, allowing advanced visual effects to further enhance the 3D visualization perception of the end-user.

Very large model support
Open Inventor can create new geometry with fewer triangles and automatically generates LOD (level of detail) and Appearance Preserving Simplification nodes to enhance performance and enable rendering interactively. It also converts geometry into more efficient triangle strips and reorders objects to minimize state changes. Open Inventor also supports fast editing of very complex scenes.

Comprehensive 3D kernel
In addition to its complete 3D geometry kernel, Open Inventor® provides robust support of advanced 3D features, such as NURBS surfaces and collision detection. Open Inventor delivers full support of NURBS curves and trimmed Surfaces with unlimited order, and allows for fast, efficient and crack-free NURBS tessellation. It also provides a fast collision detection engine both between objects and between the camera and the scene, which prevents for example the camera from penetrating other objects in walkthrough type applications. This optimized collision detection engine has proven to be efficient even on very complex scenes.

Open Inventor - High-performance
Ever increasing size of data sets, need to fuse heterogeneous data types, complexity of hardware environment, are some of the current challenging trends in the today's highly demanding market. Thanks to unique proprietary technologies, Open Inventor delivers high-performance capabilities that enable engineering teams to succesfully address all of these challenges.

Advanced 3D Technologies
• Large Volume Data Management (VolumeViz LDM)
• Multi-million Mesh (MeshViz XLM)
• Scalability and Remote (ScaleViz)
• Real-Time Ray Tracing (DirectViz)

Integrated GPU computing
Open Inventor® provides application developers with a unique solution that enables interoperability between advanced 3D visualization and powerful GPU-based computing capabilities to perform parallel computation on the fly on a workstation.

Multithreading increases overall performance of an application by either making use of multiple processors or making better use of a single processor. This feature also enables the use of multiple graphics pipes, which can each have its own rendering thread.

Data Fusion
Open Inventor supports all kind of 2D/3D data types: image data, volumes, complex meshes and geometries, charting, graphs, text… which can be managed in the same scenegraph, displayed and manipulated at the same time.

Open Inventor - More than a 3D toolkit
The widespread and long term use of Open Inventor confirms that it is an effective and cost effective solution. In fact Open Inventor is the most widely used scene graph API across multiple industries ranging from science to seismic to engineering. Our customers have shipped hundreds of thousands of copies of applications based on Open Inventor and thousands of developers are actively using Open Inventor.

Strong support
The Open Inventor SDK is much more than just a library of functions and a reference manual. Many tools are available to help you get started quickly and get your job done faster.

For example: the book The Open Inventor Mentor; the Introduction to Open Inventor; the Open Inventor User’s Guide; and hundreds of example programs.

To really get a fast start you can take Open Inventor training and get guided through hands-on programming exercises to help you choose the features you need.

Open Inventor is professionally supported with a team composed of highly experienced personnel and VSG support for Open Inventor is highly praised by our customers.

Active User Community
In addition to the direct benefits of using Open Inventor, belonging to an extensive community of users brings many indirect benefits.

Your enhancement requests carry more weight, you benefit from enhancement requests from other users and similar requirements across the community means problems are identified quickly (you benefit from “testing” done by other users).

Rich and flexible licensing model
Developing a successful partnership with a third-party software vendor such as a 3D technology provider also includes the certainty that it will be in the long run more profitable than developing an in-house solution.

VSG have developed a flexible licensing model that efficiently supports the adoption of Open Inventor by your development team and the deployment of built applications in phase with your business strategy.

Robust foundations for the future
Because the company Vision goes beyond tomorrow, investment protection is critical and all the components of software products must be durable, and not become obsolete with the always more demanding market needs and the constantly evolving technologies.

VSG has been developing 3D visualization software technologies for over 20 years and has acquired unique knowledge and expertise. Supporting industrial-strength professional applications for over 10 years, Open Inventor® is proven to be the safe choice for the long term and the most flexible tool to transfer technology evolutions and unique innovations to your solutions.

Advanced support of leading open standards
Based on top of the OpenGL® well-known standard, Open Inventor has been furthermore designed to natively support leading development environments, such as Microsoft MFC library and Trolltech Qt graphic application development framework, through dedicated sets of classes which provides for example easy and elegant ways to integrate Open Inventor graphic components such as viewers, editors... within Qt Designer.

Open Inventor® - Benefits
From software developers and engineering teams to product and company management, Open Inventor 3D Toolkit represents the right choice in terms of productivity, quality, performance, flexibility and future-proof development.

User benefits
Reduce your time to market

From prototyping to full deployment of advanced applications for internal and commercial use, Open Inventor® offers high-level tools that enable developers to rapidly design and build advanced 3D interactive graphics applications and significantly reduces the process of designing, developing, and maintaining applications.

Develop industrial-strength applications
The Open Inventor® kernel and high-level components are based on robust and innovative technologies. The Open Inventor framework delivers reliable and powerful core capabilities for the development of your application, such as out-of-core 3D data management, multi-CPU and multi-GPU support, remote application, multi-screen and Immersive VR environments, interoperability with GPU-computing, real-time ray-tracing, and more.

Use high-level components
The Open Inventor® package includes a complete suite of extensions that enable easy customization for specialized markets or unique application needs. By packaging innovative intellectual property with these extensions, VSG gives you instant access to the latest visualization techniques: Large Data Management for volume rendering, ultimate scalability through rendering distribution and remote application, advanced 2D/3D scientific visualization technologies, ray-traced realistic rendering and more.

Use a tool that always fits your needs
Open Inventor® is tuned for best interoperability with your preferred, legacy or required environment. It smoothly integrates with your application at optimal performance with easy to maintain interfaces. Open Inventor complements nicely geometric modeling or simulation engines and is a preferred replacement for old-generation 3D graphics. You can even take advantage of Open Inventor with existing OpenGL code, or extend it at the OpenGL level. Open Inventor provides GUI components for Win32, MFC, WinForms, X11/Motif, Qt, and Java that can be customized to fit your specific constraints.

Ensure long-term investment protection
Open Inventor® is built around industry-standard specifications with openness in mind and is designed for maximum portability and system independence. Its flexible ARChitecture ensures its perfect adaptability to existing and upcoming environments. Added to its proven reliability, this makes Open Inventor® a solution which optimizes development costs with long-term investment protection.

Ensure maximum performance
Don't want to re-invent the wheel? Open Inventor® provides high-level built-in components which deliver ready-to-use robust solutions to common but thorny issues in 3D advanced applications development. Open Inventor allows you to keep up with cutting edge techniques with least effort, including the performance optimization coming with every new generation of hardware that require additional work with low-level APIs.

Skills and commitment of a strong professional team
Proven itself to be faster than any other Open Inventor®-like implementation, Open Inventor® is not only a product, its also a team. Developed, maintained and supported by a large and highly qualified professional team serving several thousand developers and hundred of thousands of end-users through run-times of professional applications, the product is evolving on a regular basis with a major yearly release and several bi-monthly sub releases in between, both enhancing the product in answering specific customer requests and providing fixes for potential issues. VSG has been working for over 20 years in 3D visualization and has acquired unique knowledge and expertise, and has invested years in tuning and enhancing the core Open Inventor® and making it evolve with the latest hardware features available.

Open Inventor Technical SPECS and Developer Zone
Open Inventor by VSG is an object-oriented 3D development toolkit that simplifies and abstracts the task of writing graphics programming into a set of easy to use objects. These objects range from low level data-centered objects such as Sphere, Camera, Material, Light, and Group, to high level application-level objects such as the Walkthrough Viewer and Material Editor.

The foundation concept in Open Inventor is the "scene database" which defines the objects to be used in an application. When using Open Inventor, a programmer creates, edits, and composes these objects into hierARChical 3D scene graphs (i.e., database). A variety of fundamental application tasks such as rendering, picking, event handling, and file reading/writing are built-in operations of all objects in the database and thus are simple to invoke.

Since Open Inventor is object-oriented, it encourages programmers to extend the system by writing new objects. Open Inventor users have created a variety of new objects that are not included in the product, such as: Bezier Surfaces, CSG objects, animation objects, special viewers, and many more. 

Open Inventor by VSG is available for C++, .NET and Java programming environments

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VSG Open Inventor

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