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Animazoo IGS 150 and IGS 150w
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Featuring 15 standard inertial gyroscopes, the IGS-150 range provides accurate, nuance rich motion capture at an affordable price.     Online:
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IGS 150 and IGS 150w
Accurate, Affordable Mocap 15 gyros. Single daisy chain. Delivered calibrated.

Featuring 15 standard inertial gyroscopes, the IGS-150 range provides accurate, nuance rich motion capture at an affordable price.

• Fast, lightweight gyroscopes
• Production quality data
• Portable & easy to use

Ideal for: Educational institutes, independent developers and animators.

Ease of Use
The IGS 150 comes ready calibrated, so a beginner can install the system and start recording motion capture data in less than 30 minutes. The portability of the system means that it can be taken to countless suitable motion capture environments.

The IGS 150 offers accurate full body motion capture data at an affordable price and is ideal for educational institutes, independent developers and animators. Like all Animazoo systems, the IGS 150 does not suffer from occlusion or marker swapping.

Data from the IGS 150 can be captured with Animazoo OS in 30/60/120 frames per second.

Using Animazoo’s powerful drivers and plug-ins, data can be imported into all leading animation packages including MotionBuilder, Maya, 3DS and Blender and has real-time drivers for MotionBuilder, UDK and Unity.

Key point

Our aim has always been to simplify motion capture technology and our systems have been designed to solve your problems. This allows our clients to concentrate on the end data rather than the hardware.

AnimazooTM systems fit into a suitcase and do not require lengthy calibration at set up so moving location is simple. All systems are powered by rechargeable battery packs, which means you do not need mains power.

Users can direct the captured subject and view the end results at the same time. For Animation this is a perfect tool for pre-visualisation and live performance Animation. For Biomech/Industrial clients this means quick data, which provides on the spot analysis.

For Animation data fused with Animazoo’s kinematics algorithms are incredibly smooth and clean and requires little cleaning. For Biomech/Industrial – accurate raw data from the IMUs allow for precise analysis, or the creation of bespoke kinematic algorithms. IGS systems do not suffer from occlusion, marker swapping and require no re-targeting.

Developed over the past 20 years through experience in the field of human movement, motion analysis, and are experts in animation and biomechanics, the Animazoo OSTM is the most stable inertial Motion Capture Software in the market today. Currently running version 11 the Animazoo OSTM not only contains real-time data viewing and recording but also includes; Key Frame Editor, Auto-Cal (skeleton scaling software), Internet data streaming function, and optional advanced magnetic compensation algorithms. The Animazoo OSTM is available in Animation or Biomechanics versions.

All Animazoo IGSTM systems output a native .bvh file, which is compatible with most Animation and Biomechanics software. Additional software drivers and software development kits ensure compatibility to a large variety of third party software.

Animazoo software
The powerful Animazoo OSTM gives you everything you need to calibrate, record, clean and integrate AnimazooTM motion capture suits with a variety of animation and biomechanic softwares using real-time drivers or the SDK.

Animazoo OS features
• Actor File for discrimination of user attributes.
• AutoCAL for complete scalable skeleton.
• Ferrous metal compensation system.
• External Hardware sync system.
• Online streaming system.
• Multi actor viewing system.
• Skeleton Joint outer parameter system.
• Automatic Editor.
• Key Frame Editor.
• Real-time joint angle graphing (Bio module).

Giving the option to record in 30/60/120 FPS animaView is a comprehensive Graphic User Interface which displays data on a real-time skeleton within a 3D environment.

Using animaView, data can be recorded and played back in full 360 degrees giving the director a powerful pre-visualization tool. Data can be recorded in BVH, AN and text as well as recording from inside MotionBuilder which saves in FBX. AnimazooTM Biomechanical software module outputs raw channels from the IMUs in Quaternion and Euler angles.

animaView features
• Real-time viewing and recording using open GL.
• Use of extract actor offsets for solid footsteps.
• Recording at 30/60/120 fps.
• Option to add external syncing hardware.
• Ability for solo operation.
• Option to render in wire frame, solid or raw channels.
• Ability to stream or receive data over the Internet and Ethernet.
• Ability to create cycles (and crop).
• Following a roaming character.
• Viewing from front, left, right, top and perspective.
• File frame info bar including recording and crop information.
• Advanced Key Frame editing module.
• Playback speed control.
• IMU interface.
• Magnetic compensation system.
• SDK is available as an optional extra.

Real-Time Plug-ins
Optional real-time drivers are available for:
• MotionBuilder
• Unity
• Siemens Jack
• Unreal 3D
• Panda 3D

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Animazoo IGS 150 and IGS 150w

    Detailed product specifications.
Spec Animazoo IGS 150 and IGS 150w
Start up including time to put on suit 5 mins
System weight 1.5kg
Actor size and weight range Unlimited
Accurate scalable skeleton Yes
Ability to manipulate bone lengths after capture Yes
Ability to manipulate key frames after capture Yes
Suit material Lycra
Waterproof Yes
Operating temperature -10 to 50 deg
Cable set Single Daisy Chain
Industrial cabling No
No. of IMUs 15
Inertial Update rate (Hz) 500 Hz
Max. Angular rate +500 deg/sec
Angular Sensor resolution <0.01 deg
Yaw <2 deg
Pitch <1.5 deg
Roll <1.5 deg
Accelerometer range +2 deg
Magnetic Interference Standard Compensation
Ability to adjust magnetic compensation after capture No
IMU calibration Delivered calibrated
Connectivity Wired Via 5m USB
Range 5m
Connectivity WiFi
Range 50m
Batteries supplied 20Amp/hr
DC charger Included
IMU dimensions 5.07cm x 1,45 cm x 0.92 cm
IMU weight 11.2 gram
MPU dimensions W8.5cm H18cm D2.3 cm
MPU weight 45g
Batteries supplied AC/DC adapter only
Battery run time N/A
DC charger N/A
Shipping weight 15kg
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