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Cybermind Cyber-I SXGA Monocular HMD
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Cyber-I SXGA Monocular HMD is the first SXGA Optical See-Through Monocular with fixed camera option and 50 degrees Field of View.     Online:
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Cyber-I series
The Cyber-I head mounted displays available in monocular and bi-occular version.

Cyber-I SXGA Monocular HMD
Cybermind Cyber-I Monocular

Cyber-I SXGA Monocular HMD is the first SXGA Optical See-Through Monocular with fixed camera option and 50 degrees Field of View. It is compatible with HDMI out (smartphones and tablets) and the optical solution for handsfree applications for the Homeland Security and Defence Industry, maintenance- and logistics applications and to support medical procedures.

Cybermind introduces the first SXGA Optical See through Monocular with fixed camera option and 50 degrees Field of View. Compatible with HDMI out (smartphones and tablets).

The optical solution for hands free applications:
• Homeland Security and the Defense Industry
• Maintenance and logistics applications
• Support of medical procedures

General features
• Optical See-Through
• Daylight filter
• Full SXGA FLCOS display
• Almost no influence of the outside illumination to the view
• Low power consumption
• Large Field of View
• A fully adjustable frame
• Durable
• User friendly operations
• Compatible with latest smartphones (HDMI out and tablets)
• High transparency
• Proven technology
• Lightweight

Key applications
Remote head mounted viewing of any augmented objects whilst training and simulating combat situations or maintenance / logistics operations.
• (combat) training & simulation
• Engineering training & simulation
• Logistics training & simulation
• Product Placement
• Telepresence
• Medical support
• Telemaintenance

Additional Options
• Eyetracking
• IR led’s
• Microphone
• Voice recognition
• Headphone
• External Belt Battery pack
• Wearable PC

Services / consultation
• Wearable Computing
• Cloud Computing / rendering
• Machine Vision Augmented Reality
• Project Implementations
• Content Development
• App creation

Future Developments Cyber-I
• A custom made lightweight battery pack and integrated wearable pc
• A Bi-ocular version will be available in 2012


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Cybermind Cyber-I SXGA Monocular HMD

    Detailed product specifications.
Spec Cybermind Cyber-I SXGA Monocular HMD
Structure See-through type
70% transparent standard
Adapted a binocular, full stereoscopic type will be introduced in 2012
Display FLCOS method, reflecting, single plate type
Screen quality SXGA (1280x1024), about 1.3 million pixels x RGB
Pixel pitch 13,62
Color depth 24 bits
Response time 0.1ms
Active area 0,88inch
Contrast 300:1
Optical Structure
Screen size 80”
Image distance 2m
F.O.V. 50deg [36deg(H)x27.4deg(V)]
Exit Pupil 12mm 9H)x6mm(V)
Focal length 280mm
Light sources LED (Red, Green, Blue)
Controller Employed OSD function (English/German)
Input signal Single (Basic): VGA, DVI, analog audio
Dual (option) 2 x VGA, 2 x DVI, analog audio
External Power Supply input Voltage 80-280ac 50-60Hz
output Voltage 12Vdc
Power consuption800mA@12V
Optional external batterypack 10.4V 3.1Ah.
Basic Functions
Magnification of images
Basic image formation 5:4 image screen, 80”diagonal angular view at 2m from the screen
Enlarges small image sources as a basic image size at the display
Accepts 16:9 images format as a basic screen at the display
Up-scale functions Basic resolution 1280x1024 pixels
Accepts image sources smaller than 1280x1024 and displays them in full screen
Accepted input sources VGA, SVGA, WSVGA, XGA, WXGA
Image signal conversion functions Basis display signal VESA standards
Supporting Signals VGA, DVI (HDMI with DVI/HDMI changer)
Generally interchangeable image devices DVD, VCR, VCD
PC, PDA - PMP (Portable Multi Media Player), Mp4, VOD service equipment’s
Game machines (Playstation3, X-BOX etc.)
Medical Machines - Training Simulators
Image and communications equipment’s etc.
Smartphones with HMDI exit
Wearable PC
Weight Device monocular only without upper headband, cable and camera 280g
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