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Worldviz Vizard Complete Animals
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Vizard Complete Animals is a library of 30 different 3D animals, especially created and optimized for realtime environments like computer games, simulations and virtual worlds.     Online:
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Vizard Complete Animals
Vizard Complete Animals is a library of 30 different 3D animals, especially created and optimized for realtime environments like computer games, simulations and virtual worlds. Additionally they are also suited for the usage in rendering stills and movies of course.

Each of the 30 animals comes in 3 different polycounts, so they can be utilized for different purposes.

3rd party software integration allows you to customize avatars using 3DMax Character Studio or other tools of your choice.

Open-ARChitecture Cal3D compatibility allows you to leverage skin properties and behaviors in your own custom application.

BioVirtual 3DMeNow support for instantly building high-quality faces and integrating dynamic facial expressions.

Ease of use development within the Vizard world creation platform.

Real-time performance means you can populate your work with lots of high-quality avatars and use built-in LOD only when truly necessary.

Realistic bodies & faces have been carefully crafted by skilled 3D artists to balance performance and aesthetic demands.

Vizard Complete Animals includes:
• 30 fully rigged animal models for 3ds Max
• 95 ready made animations (each animal with 3 or more moves)
• each animal in 3 different polycounts
• additional normal bump maps and specular maps

95 animation files
…in Character Studio BIP format are included in the library. They consist of animation clips and loops commonly used in realtime applications and games. The keyframe animations are optimized for better performance and easy modification.

3D Models

3D Models come in 3ds Max format. The 3ds Max files are compatible and fully functional down to version 2008 of 3ds Max. Just in case you might be working with an older version, we also added all animals in 3ds Max 8 file format – however we recommend using the Max 2008 fileset because it includes some nice additional extra bones (like jaw or eye bones for example) for many animals.

All characters have a bone skeleton and skinning which is adapted for the use in realtime engines. The skin weights are set exclusively on vertex basis. See table above for details. The inside of the mouth is also modelled and textured for the medium and high poly versions of the characters, so a facial animation setup can be realized if required.

UV mapping technique
In the picture you can see how the UV coordinates are set up for the 3D Models. To save texture memory, it is also possible to use only one half of the texture and mirror the UV mapping to both sides of the mesh.

Texture Maps

Texture Maps have been designed to create a look that is as photorealistic as possible, but at the same time the animals should be also usable in realtime applications. Therefore we avoided using any special fur plugins or other too complex solutions.

Normal and specular maps
Each texture has an additional normal bump map and specular map. The usage is optional, again it depends on the possibilities of your graphics engine.

Opacity Maps
In the highest level of detail for many animals opacity maps are used for the visualization of fur and feathers. If your game engine or rendering technique works well with these maps, then this solution gives you a very nice look. We offer to send you a free sample animal for technical evaluation on request. Please do not hesitate to contact us. If your engine should have problems with the display of opacity maps it is also possible to detach the alpha planes very easily and use every animal without them.

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WorldViz Vizard Complete Animals

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