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The Virtuose 3D Desktop is a 3D haptic interface (3-DOF with force-feedback and 6-DOF with position sensors). Based on the same software and the same API as our other products, it also offers 3-DOF admittance control, 6-DOF indexing, etc.     Online:
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HAPTION Virtuose 3D Desktop

NEW! The Virtuose 3D Desktop is a 3D haptic interface (3-DOF with force-feedback and 6-DOF with position sensors). Based on the same software and the same API as our other products, it also offers 3-DOF admittance control, 6-DOF indexing, etc.

By default, the device is delivered without any housing, so as to be easily integrated into a virtual training system. A simple housing is available on request.

The Virtuose 3D Desktop is a haptic device specifically designed for bidirectional interactivity with virtual 3D application. It provides 3 degrees-of-freedom (DOF) with force-feedback, and 3 DOF with position feedback.

Its workspace and its small overall dimensions intend it for a use on individual workstations, equipped with a standard monitor.

Technicals Characteristics

The main characteristics of the Virtuose 3D Desktop are :

  • 6 degrees of freedom position feedback
  • 3 degrees of freedom active force-feedback
  • Operational workspace corresponding to the movements of the lower arm pivoting around the elbow
  • Maximum force of 5 N in translation
  • Passive weight balancing with springs
  • Tool fixation through a standard Souriau connector for easy customization
  • Lightweight, no specific equipment needed for transport
  • Support of both impedance (force) and admittance (position) control
  • Development kit (API) available for Microsoft Windows and Linux (32 and 64 bits)
  • Communication through Ethernet/UDP


    The Virtuose 3D Desktop is composed of two main articulated segments fixed on a rotating base. The second segment ends with an articulated wrist, which can rotate around three concurrent axes. As a consequence, the haptic interface is a 6 degrees-of-freedom device, with force-feedback on the 3 first axes. The structure of the Virtuose 3D Desktop can work in a volume corresponding to a torus with a square section of 20 cm. The center of the square is 30 cm from the base of the device.

    HAPTION presents its hardware families VirtuoseTM , MATTM, IncaTM, and AbleTM

    Our products Virtuose™ are modular, and we can adapt them to your specific needs. The MATTM is dedicated to the telerobotic for nuclear application (Master & Slave). The INCATM are among the largest haptic devices in the world, easy to integrate with Virtual Reality equipment. The ABLETM is the first industrial exoskeleton with 3 different versions.

    The BOOM 3D system is a motorized carrier for up to two Virtuose of ABLE devices, which can enlarge the workspace up to more than 5 meters.

    Using our partners network, we have the capacity to develop turn-key applications, in all domains where force-feedback can be relevant.

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    HAPTION Virtuose 3D Desktop

        Detailed product specifications.
    Spec HAPTION Virtuose 3D Desktop

    Number of motors

    Type of motors DC
    Output power of the motors 60W in 48V
    Power supply 100-240 VAC one-phase
    Power consumption Less than 200W
    Workspace (translation) 250 mm
    Workspace (rotation) 145° - 115° - 148°
    Maximum Force 15 N
    Continuous Force 5 N
    Max total stiffness 900 N/m
    Weight balancing Static, with springs
    Tool changer Yes, with off-the-shelf connector
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