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HAPTION Virtuose 6D Desktop
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The Virtuose 6D Desktop is composed of three articulated branches attached in parallel to a cylindric handle. It provides 6 degrees of freedom, with force-feedback on all 6 DOFs.     Online:
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HAPTION Virtuose 6D Desktop

The Virtuose 6D Desktop is composed of three articulated branches attached in parallel to a cylindric handle. It provides 6 degrees of freedom, with force-feedback on all 6 DOFs.

The structure of the Virtuose 6D Desktop makes it possible to work in a volume including a sphere 12 cm in diameter. The resolution in position is of 2.10-2 mm.

The Virtuose 6D is a 6 degrees-of-freedom haptic device, specifically designed for work in Virtual Reality environments.

Thanks to its large workspace and its high forces, it enables a scale one interaction with digital models coming from CAD.

Its main applications are:
- ergonomic studies
- accessibility studies
- assembly simulation
- project review

Technical characteristics

The Virtuose 6D is the only force-feedback system of the market today, which offers the following characteristics:

  • Force-feedback on all 6 degrees-of-freedom (3 translations and 3 rotations)
  • Operational workspace corresponding to the movements of a human arm
  • Length of the segments constituting the arm: 450 mm
  • Maximum force of 35N (10 N continuous), i.e. high enough to simulate the handling of heavy objects
  • Maximum rotation torque of 3 Nm (1Nm continuous), i.e. high enough for two-handed handling of large virtual objects
  • Exact static compensation of the device’s own weight
  • Modular end-effector equipped with programmable switches
  • Gripping tool equipped with a proximity sensor, connected to a “dead-man” function: as long as the user does not hold the gripping tool in his hand, and as soon as he releases it, the motors are switched off, and no active movement can occur
  • Reduced weight, transportable without specific equipment
  • Development kit (API) available for the major operating systems
  • Demonstrated compatibility with the major software applications on the market today, using dedicated plug-ins: VortexTM, HavokTM, ODE, Virtools, CatiaTM; V5, DelmiaTM; V5, ICIDO VDP, SenseGraphics, OpenMask, etc...
  • Compatibility with tracking system like ART, Vicon, Motion Analysis
  • Device workspace

    The VIRTUOSE 6D is composed of two main articulated segments fixed on a rotating base. The second segment ends with an articulated wrist, which can rotate around three concurrent axes. As a consequence, the haptic interface is a 6 degrees-of-freedom device, with force-feedback in all directions. The workspace of the Virtuose 6D is large enough to include a cube 45 cm in size. The resolution in position is 6x10-3mm.

    Detailed specification

    N°de l’articulation Débattement en ° Couple articulaire continu en N.m Couple articulaire crête en N.m
    Axe 1 79 5 15
    Axe 2 100 3.1 9.3
    Axe 3 100 3.1 9.3
    Axe 4 215 0.79 2.37
    Axe 5 111 0.79 2.37
    Axe 6 162 0.79 2.37


    The user takes hold of the haptic device using a gripper or handle placed at the tip (called “endeffector”). The end-effector is easy to remove and replace, so that a frequent change of tool is possible, in order to customize the application and reinforce the sensation of immersion. The gripping tool is equipped with three push-buttons. One of the push-buttons is dedicated to the offset function (see the control system functionalities hereafter). The state of the other buttons can be accessed using the Virtuose API.

    HAPTION presents its hardware families VirtuoseTM , MATTM, IncaTM, and AbleTM

    Our products VirtuoseTM are modular, and we can adapt them to your specific needs. The MATTM is dedicated to the telerobotic for nuclear application (Master & Slave). The INCATM are among the largest haptic devices in the world, easy to integrate with Virtual Reality equipment. The ABLETM is the first industrial exoskeleton with 3 different versions.

    The BOOM 3D system is a motorized carrier for up to two Virtuose of ABLE devices, which can enlarge the workspace up to more than 5 meters.

    Using our partners network, we have the capacity to develop turn-key applications, in all domains where force-feedback can be relevant.

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    HAPTION Virtuose 6D Desktop

        Detailed product specifications.
    Spec HAPTION Virtuose 6D Desktop
    Workspace in translation Sphere 120 mm in diameter
    Worskspace in rotation 35° in the 3 directions at the center
    Maximum force in translations(*) 5 to 15 N
    Contininous force in translation (*) 1.4 to 3 N
    Maximum torque in rotation (*) 0.2 to 0.5 N.m
    Maximum torque in rotation (*) 0.06 to 0.14 N.m
    Maximum stiffness in translation 2500 N/m
    Maximum stiffness in rotation 2N.m/rad
    Weight balancing Dynamic (software)
    Number of buttons 2 (1 clutch, 1 application-specific)
    (*) depends on the position of the workspace
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