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Geomagic Touch Haptic Device
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The Geomagic Touch (formerly Sensable Phantom Omni) is the industry’s most widely deployed professional haptic device. Used in reseARCh, 3D modeling, OEM applications and more, Touch allows users to freely sculpt 3D clay, enhance scientific or medical simulations, increase productivity with interactive training, and easily maneuver mechanical components to produce higher quality designs.     Online:
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Geomagic Touch Haptic Device

The Geomagic Touch (formerly Sensable Phantom Omni) is the industry’s most widely deployed professional haptic device. Used in reseARCh, 3D modeling, OEM applications and more, Touch allows users to freely sculpt 3D clay, enhance scientific or medical simulations, increase productivity with interactive training, and easily maneuver mechanical components to produce higher quality designs.

Touch is a motorized device that applies force feedback on the user’s hand, allowing them to feel virtual objects and producing true-to-life touch sensations as user manipulates on-screen 3D objects. Leading companies integrate the Geomagic Touch and haptics into their work to achieve compelling solutions using the realistic sense of touch.

Touch can be used in diverse applications, including: simulation, training, skills assessment, rehearsal, virtual assembly, robotic control, collision detection, machine interface design, rehabilitation, mapping and dozens of other applications.

When used with our OpenHaptics toolkit, Touch allows developers to rapidly design and deploy haptic programs, do mash-ups into existing applications, try out new ideas, and create haptically enabled products. Touch is also sold as a component of Geomagic FreeForm and Geomagic Claytools modeling systems.

ReseARCh and Development

Top universities and research centers worldwide are leading the way in developing haptically enabled applications, and they consistently choose Geomagic Touch for their work. Touch allows researchers to create a consistent user experience in applications for rehabilitation, multimedia, military, biomedical reseARCh and more.

Dr. Weihang Zhu's Lab in the Department of Industrial Engineering at Lamar University.


Haptic devices play a vital part of many medical training and reseARCh applications. Using Geomagic Touch, surgEONs can plan and rehearse by operating on a virtual patient model with life-like tissue reaction and accurate surgical tools. And curriculum-based medical training using the Touch provides important experience for students in a pre-clinical setting.

The Cerebral Surgery Rehearsal Platform (SRP) is named in honor of Dr. Warren Selman, M.D., (shown) Chair of the Neurosurgery department at Case University Hospitals of Cleveland.

Training and Education

ScanTrainer, from UK-based MedaPhor, is a virtual-reality ultrasound training simulator that bridges the gap between textbook and patient by providing curriculum-based training in a pre-clinical setting. The latest generation animation and realistic haptic simulation techniques are combined with actual ultrasound scans to provide an extremely realistic scanning environment for highly effective training.

Image: Medaphor


  • Portable design and compact footprint allow greater user flexibility
  • Supports a broad range of haptic applications with six-degree-of-freedom positional sensing and 3-degree-of-freedom force feedback
  • CE certified
  • Easy-to-use design with removable stylus and two integrated momentary stylus switches
  • Quick installation and FireWire port interface
  • Geomagic Touch Features

  • Portable design and compact footprint
  • Compact force feedback workspace
  • 6-degree-of-freedom positional sensing
  • 3-degree-of-freedom force feedback
  • IEEE-1394a FireWire* port interface
  • Comfortable molded-rubber stylus with textured paint
  • Removable Stylus
  • Two integrated momentary stylus switches
  • Stylus-docking inkwell
  • Ergonomic design
  • Supports OpenHaptics toolkit with QuickHaptics micro API
  • Made of metal components and injection-molded plastics
  • CE certified

    Selected OEMs & System Integrators of Geomagic Haptic Products

  • Some of the companies that integrate our products into their solutions include:

  • 3rdTechTM - NanoManipulator DP -100/200
  • FiatLux - Molecular Modeling
  • GemVision Corporation - Matrix 3D Jewelry Design Software
  • Industrial Virtual Reality, Inc - Immersive Touch
  • Innovative Sports Training - The MotionMonitorTM real-time 3D motion capture system
  • Medic Vision - Mediseus Epidural simulator
  • mySmartSimulations, Inc - Interactive Training and Education Solutions for Any Industry
  • Spiggle & Theis - VOXEL-MAN TempoSurg simulator for petrous bone surgery
  • Touch of Life Technologies (ToL-Tech) - ArthroSim diagnostic knee arthroscopy simulator
  • Yantric - EpiSimTM, LapSim, and Medsim SDK

    By integrating Geomagic haptics their solutions offer:

  • The sense of touch and true 3D navigation
  • A compelling user experience
  • Increased productivity
  • A more realistic training experience
  • A competitive edge

    Geomagic Touch Haptic Device
    The Geomagic Touch (formerly known as Sensable Phantom Omni) product line of haptic devices makes it possible for users to touch and manipulate virtual objects. The Touch model is the most cost-effective haptic device available today. Portable design, compact footprint, and IEEE-1394a FireWire* port interface ensure quick installation and ease of use.

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    The Geomagic Touch Haptic Device

        Detailed product specifications.
    Spec product_rapid_3dsystems_projet Geomagic Touch Haptic Device
    Force feedback workspace : ~6.4 W x 4.8 H x 2.8 D in > 160 W x 120 H x 70 D mm
    Footprint (Physical area device base occupies on desk)  : 6 5/8 W x 8 D in ~168 W x 203 D mm
    Weight (device only)  : 3 lbs 15 oz
    Range of motion  : Hand movement pivoting at wrist
    Nominal position resolution  : > 450 dpi ~ 0.055 mm
    Backdrive friction : < 1 oz (0.26 N)
    Maximum exertable force at nominal (orthogonal arms) position  : 0.75 lbf (3.3 N)
    Continuous exertable force (24 hrs) : 0.2 lbf (0.88 N)
    Inertia (apparent mass at tip)  : ~0.101 lbm (45 g)
    Stiffness  : X axis > 7.3 lbs / in (1.26 N / mm)
    Y axis > 13.4 lbs / in (2.31 N / mm)
    Z axis > 5.9 lbs / in (1.02 N / mm)
    Force feedback  : x, y, z
    Position sensing [Stylus gimbal]  : x, y, z (digital encoders)
    [Pitch, roll, yaw (± 5% linearity potentiometers)
    Interface : IEEE-1394 FireWire port: 6-pin to 6-pin
    Supported platforms  : Intel or AMD-based PCs
    OpenHapticsToolkit compatibility : Yes
    Applications : Selected Types of Haptic ReseARCh, FreeFormModelingsystem, ClayTools system
    * The Geomagic Touch device is IEEE 1394A compliant. However, Geomagic is aware of customers that have experienced performance difficulties with their Touch devices when using controller cards with certain IEEE 1394A chipset, such as NEC, or driver combinations. In these cases, it may be necessary to update or change the 1394 controller card driver or to try a separate add-on 1394 controller card.
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