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Worldviz CornerCavern VR System
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CornerCavern is an Immersive, interactive 3D experience theater that requires practically no footprint. With ultra short-throw projection and ceiling mounting, nearly any existing room can be converted into a mind-blowing visualization center.     Online:
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WorldViz CornerCavern VR System



CornerCavern is an Immersive, interactive 3D experience theater that requires practically no footprint. With ultra short-throw projection and ceiling mounting, nearly any existing room can be converted into a mind-blowing visualization center.


Available in customizable and upgradeable sizes with one, two, three, or four walls. It’s so simple to use that you won’t need a dedicated VR expert to run it.


Explore virtual worlds naturally by walking and interacting with your hands to manipulate objects. Enjoy fast and smooth head-tracking with our ultra-light 3D Eyes, and touch objects with the ergonomic Wand for intuitive, spot-on hand-manipulation.

The CornerCavern has wowed clients, and that is a competitive advantage for us! But the biggest surprise to us was how much it helps us understand our own work more clearly – before we ever present it to a client.

- Mark Thomas, Principal of On Track Themes, a leader in Theme Park Attraction Development

The CornerCavern system offers an exciting opportunity for reseARCh in spatial cognition, further bridging the gap between the real and the virtual world.

- Prof. Dr. Christoph Hoelscher, Chair for Cognitive Science at ETH Zurich University

What’s included ?

The CornerCavern comes with the most powerful Virtual Reality software on the market, Vizard. Import 3D objects on the fly, script interaction, create full-fledged applications.


  • Vizard VR software toolkit
  • 3D screens
  • 3D projectors
  • Stereo glasses
  • PPT motion tracking
  • Eyes 2013
  • Wand 2013
  • Rendering computer
  • Onsite installation & training


    Multi-Purpose Solutions

  • Choose what fits your purpose: one wall, two walls, three walls, four walls.
  • impressive full-scale Immersive solutions for large group presentations
  • light-weight mobile setups for exhibitions or individual client demonstrations

    Easy setup and installation

  • onsite installation and training through WorldViz experts
  • out-of the-box solutions as well as custom made setups

    Customizable Sizes

    We can custom fit a CornerCavern to the exact specifications of your room. Upgradeable with additional walls anytime. Tell us what you need and we will find the perfect solution for you. Contact us now!

    Example Components

    Note: Below component selection is an example only and does not imply that WorldViz prefers certain 3rd party hardware vendors over others.

    WorldViz technology is compatible with all common VR hardware products.

    Vizard 3D toolkit software platform
    Everything you need to build and render interactive 3D content. Directly connects to VR hardware. Visit the Vizard VR software page for more information.

    PPT E4 high-speed motion tracking system
    Covers unlimited areas with high precision and accuracy. The perfect solution for CornerCaverns are 3 to 4 cameras. Extremely robust hybrid optical-inertial 6DoF solution. Visit the PPT – Precision Position Tracking page for more information.

    Wand&Eyes 2013
    Ideal for precise viewpoint control and intuitive interaction. The 6DoF solutions work with all PPT systems. Visit the Wand&Eyes 2013 page for more information.

    Dell server CPU with NVIDIA Quadro/GeForce graphics
    WorldViz custom configured workstation. Optimal Graphics, RAM and CPU combo for demanding real-time apps.

    NEC 3D short-throw projectors
    For places with little space as well as large setups. Short-throw lenses eliminate Shadows on the screen and therefore are the best fit with our CornerCavern setup.

    Maintenance and support
    Choose our Gold support contract and minimize lost time by having experienced WorldViz support engineers help you solve your problem during extended business hours. For more information on different support options please visit the support contracts page.

    Installation and training
    Onsite setup-service by WorldViz expert engineers. JumPSTart your team by hiring us for initial training.

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    WorldViz CornerCavern VR System

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    Spec   WorldViz CornerCavern VR System
    Compatible Accessories
    Hand Navigation & Interaction WorldViz Wand 2013 is an intuitive wireless interface for navigation through virtual environments and interacting with 3D objects
    Data Gloves/Haptic Gloves
  • CyberGlove II
  • 5DT Dataglove 5, Dataglove 16
  • Eye Tracking Arrington ReseARCh ViewPoint Eye Tracker
    Biofeedback BIOPAC MP150 for complex data acquisition, stimulation, triggering and analysis
    Data Acquisition LabJack U12 multifunctional control device
  • Vizard Complete Characters
  • Vizard Compete Soldiers
  • Vizard Complete Animals
  • Real-Time Avatar Interaction WorldViz Live Characters software plug-in for real-time human animation and interaction in virtual space by MotionBuilder supported motion capture systems
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