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At the heart of 3D Perception’s Northstar ecosystem is nBox, a next-generation, all-in-one display processor that warps, blends and color corrects raw IG content.     Online:
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3D-Perception nBox Display Processor

Completely independent Warp, Blend and Display Management

At the heart of 3D Perception’s Northstar ecosystem is nBox, a next-generation, all-in-one display processor that warps, blends and color corrects raw IG content. nBox outputs to multiple projectors at resolutions of up to 4K and seamlessly displays imagery across spherical, cylindrical, conical, and flat screens.

Between projectors, nBox calibrates color, contrast, brightness, gamma, and can also compensate for hot spots, creating a truly consistent image. nBox treats the multi-projector theater as one contiguous display — not as an array of individually controlled projectors. nBox allows for a projector upgrade path while keeping display infrastructure in place.


  • nBoxIG independence provides maximum flexibility
  • Powered by 3DP’s patented Digital Geometry Processor
  • Intelligent EDID
  • Resolutions up to 4K
  • Full projector control
  • Zero frame latency
  • Hot-swappable power supplies & I/O boards
  • Scenario management with selectable eye-points
  • Non-linear image warping
  • Auto image alignment
  • Auto color calibration
  • Gamma correction
  • Hotspot compensation
  • Black level enhancement
  • Input signal analysis
  • 2U rackmount form factor

    4th Generation Display Processor for Immersive Applications

  • The Northstar nBox is a high performance multi-projector warp and blend display processor, offering an advanced set of processing, maintenance, and control features available in a single unit. Designed for flexibility, ease of use and reliability, this real-time, rack-mountable hardware processor is fully configurable, and capable of processing resolutions up to WQXGA (2560 x 1600).

    nBox offers configuration of the DVI-I inputs and DVI-I outputs with different resolution options. With nControl user interface software included, users are enabled to perform all the image adjustments necessary to create a seamless, high-quality image across a flat or curved projected display.

    With projector control through signal cable (DDC) or LAN, nBox provides unique features such as Scenario Management for gradient transition from dusk to dawn, and non-linear automatic color correction via Northstar’s ChromaSync sensors embedded in Aurora smart screens.

    Key Feature

  • All in one image processor for seamless curved screens
  • Up to 6 channels per unit. Units can be stacked for any number of display channels
  • Real-time hardware
  • Up to WQXGA 2560 x 1600 resolution
  • Fully configurable
  • Non-linear image warping and edge blending
  • Image Scaling
  • Hotspot compensation
  • Black level enhancement
  • Non-linear color correction
  • Advanced built-in test pattern generator
  • Hot swappable cards
  • Redundant power supply option
  • Diagnostic features
  • Intelligent EDID
  • Projector Control through signal cable or LAN
  • Zero frame latency
  • Scenario management

    3D Perception’s Northstar

    Northstar is 3D Perception’s turn-key simulation display solution, and is the fusion of nBox display processors, 3DP Certified Projectors and auto-alignment technologies via sensor-instrumented Aurora smart screens or StarScan precision 3D scanners.

  • nControl

    Display System Management Software

    nControl is an intuitive, user-friendly graphical interface for installation, user control, and maintenance for nBox and Northstar displays. nControl is responsible for maintaining a consistently pixel-perfect image, and in concert with nBox and Aurora, it automatically performs geometry adjustment, edge blending, color balancing, and gamma correction. With a push of a button, it automates maintenance procedures and will readjust the system’s image in seconds.

    Key Features

  • Centralized interface for integrated control of entire display system
  • One-click power up/down and maintenance
  • Save/load multiple training configurations - changes eyepoints, accounts for different obstructions
  • Scenario Management
  • Automatic alignment procedures

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    3D-Perception nBox Display Processor

        Detailed product specifications.
    Spec product_rapid_3dsystems_projet 3D-Perception nBox Display Processor


  • Configurable number outputs and inputs
  • Supports 4K projectors
  • Projector control
  • Image warping curved screen
  • Image blending curved screen (multi-sided)
  • Masking (multi-sided)
  • Hotspot compensator
  • Black level enhancement
  • Internal test patter generator
  • Stereo control
  • WarpSync automatic geometry correction
  • ChromaSync color correction
  • Signal analysis module
  • Support from 24 - 120Hz

    Multiple resolution support

  • Up to HD 1920 x 1080 (dual input and output boards)
  • Up to WUXGA 1920 x 1200 (single input and output boards)
  • Up to WQXGA 2560 x 1600 (single input and output boards)
  • INPUT FORMATS DVI - I single link inputs
  • Supports: VGA*
    Progressive only
  • Supports: HDMI*
    Progressive only. HDCP not supported
  • Supports: RGB Video*
    RGBHV progressive only, 5-wire
  • Supports: RGB Video*
    RGBS, 4-wire (composite sync)
  • Supports: RGB Video*
    RGsB, 3-wire (sync on green)
    DVI dual link inputs for resolutions QXGA and above
  • Analog to digital conversion
  • Sync conversion ;Composite sync, sync on green
  • Frame rate conversion
  • OUTPUT FORMATS DVI - I single link outputs
  • Supports: VGA*
  • Supports: HDMI*
  • Supports: RGB Video*

  • Embedded PC 64 bit processor Power PCTM
  • Realtime embedded operating system
  • Configurable I/O
  • Stackable for large system installations
  • Optical DVI extender output power
  • Redundant power supply option
  • Redundant fans
  • Hot swap
    I/O boards
    Power supply modules
  • 6 independant slots for input and output boards
  • High speed LAN 10/100/1000 MBits/Sec
  • Stereo shutter glasses control
  • RS232 port for external system control
  • Automatic calibration interface port
  • 100-240 Volt, 50-60 Hz power socket #1
  • 100-240 Volt, 50-60 Hz power socket #2
  • Additional diagnostic LAN port
  • 3rd-party system controller interface On LAN or RS232 I/O ports
  • Intelligent EDID
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