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Robai Cyton Epsilon 300
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Robai Cyton Epsilon 300

An Ultra-portable Arm

Your compact, humanoid solution, the Cyton Epsilon 300 offers human-like motion with graphical tasking software at a low cost. It is great for lightweight applications and is an exceptional tool for reseARCh and prototyping.


With seven degrees of freedom, Robai’s Cyton robot arms work like the human arm. Roboticists call robots with more than six axes ‘kinematically redundant’. The extra degrees of freedom give fluid motion, better accuracy, and the ability to reach around obstacles.

The Cyton Epsilon 300 surpasses the rest of its class in terms of payload, reach, precision, and affordability. Starting under $5000, the Cyton Epsilon 300 delivers rapid ROI for modern automation.


The Cyton Epsilon 300 offers increased joint torques. Actin provides active management of the higher torques to optimize strength and lift capacity for the target tasks while ensuring safety and durability. Cyton Epsilon requires no external controller box, only a 12v power supply. Setup is as simple as opening your laptop — plug the Cyton into a power outlet and connect the included USB cable to your Windows or Linux computer.

Getting started with Cyton is just as easy. Whether you are looking for an easy way to get your Cyton running on the production line or need to automate a benchtop task, Cyton has a task setup mode to meet your needs.

Epsilon Standard Gripper

The Epsilon Standard Gripper, the default option for the Cyton Epsilon 300, consists of two fingers with an opening range of 3.5 centimeters.


Coming Soon: Thalmic Myo Armband

The new Cyton Myo plugin leverages Energid’s Actin control to provide new and intuitive ways to programs and control collaborative robots. By combining years of robotic control experience with the latest in wearable technology, the Myo augments Actin’s graphical programming, and makes Cyton interaction even easier with motion and gesture-based control.

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Robai Cyton Epsilon 300

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Spec Robai Cyton Epsilon 300
Degrees of freedom 7
Payload (full-range) 300 g
Payload (mid-range) 350 g
Reach 48 cm
Footprint 15cm x 18cm
Repeatability +/- 1 mm
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Model USD
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