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    BodyMap is a medically accurate representation of the human body that can be manipulated in 3D virtual reality.

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    Specializing in immersive VR anatomy and simulation training

    Experience a fully immersive 3D exploration of the human body 

    BodyMap is a medically accurate representation of the human body that can be manipulated in 3D virtual reality. Our strict data reconstruction and design methods set us apart and provide users with realistic visualizations of every detail of the human body. Users may interact with the virtual body in numerous ways, including walking into the virtual body for a detailed inspection of internal organs, grabbing out anatomy structures for a closer look, and simulating instrument insertion techniques with instant haptic feedback.


    A clinical educator

    Develop more effective teaching methods and improve curriculum based on student quiz feedback. Increase student engagement and interaction through instant and shared viewing. Design visually appealing lectures using screenshots or animations captured from our application.

    A clinical provider

    Practice procedural techniques such as injection simulations prior to performing on actual patients.

    A researcher

    Conduct research studies to assess how VR- and technology-based solutions affect cognitive behaviors and information retention.

    An institution

    Attract students looking for technology-based learning solutions to enhance traditional teaching methods. Reach more students remotely so that those not in physical attendance may still participate in learning.

    Key Features

    Medical Accuracy

    Medically accurate reconstruction of human body systems based on real MRI and CT scans for effective anatomy learning

    Comprehensive Content

    Comparison of 12 main body systems in both male and female genders

    Haptic Simulation

    Haptic simulation training for performing insertion, injection, and cutting techniques

    Question Bank

    Question bank of 3000 anatomy quiz questions and categorized result feedback to assess understanding

    Instant Magnification

    Instant magnification and visualization tools during simulation training, with depth and angle of instrument insertion, e.g., syringe, displayed in real time


    Multi-player use with instant sharing of medical knowledge between instructors and students in real time

    Fully Customizable

    Contact us for any requests you may have for customization of BodyMap features. Examples of solutions we can provide include the design of different surgical tools for simulation of cutting actions, building of step-by-step instructions for procedures such as central venous catheterization (CVC), and creation of custom anatomy content or quizzes.

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