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    Developed for industry, DiotaPlayer integrates directly and securely into industry-standard software environments and tools.

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    ※Product Overview※


    A single platform Multiple applications.

    DiotaPlayer allows for customised applications linking the digital and physical worlds thanks to its unrivalled technology. Developed for industry, DiotaPlayer integrates directly and securely into industry-standard software environments and tools.

    Unparalleled capabilities

      connects directly to PLM, CAD applications and more.

      adapts to a wide range of applications and evolves as needed

      can be used with a broad variety of standard hardware devices

      does not require specific expertise, enables a quick learning curve

    Flexible and evolving

    DiotaPlayer was designed to be adaptable to varied professions and industrial environments. It offers a vast array of features that allow for customised and evolving solutions.

    Digital Instructions

    The Digital Instructions module allows visualisation of and interaction with work instructions and deep contextual information: 3D models, static/dynamic symbols, sequences of instructions, CAD views, 3D animations, metadata, etc...


     √ Content exported directly from PLM/CAD applications
      Adaptable, refreshable and reusable content
      Intuitive features: 360° rotation, zoom, split screen, 3D viewer, etc.


    The DiotaAugment module allows you to activate a set of augmented reality features. Linked to the Digital Instructions module, it allows work instructions to be overlaid on real objects with a high level of accuracy.


     √ Real-time visualisation directly on objects
      High precision display
      Natural gestures and movements
      No workspace instrumentation

    Conformity Check

    The Conformity Check module offers extensive testing tools to detect and measure nonconformities precisely: condition, type, length, position, etc.


     √ Configuration of testing in CAD/PLM programs
      Dynamic assistance in locating inspection points
      Control results saved automatically

    Field Data Capture

    The Field Data Capture allows for collecting various types of data during field operations:

     √ 2D/3D data capture
      Control results...


    The Reporting module allows you to automatically generate full customisable reporting documents that can be further enhanced with annotations and data.


     √ Automatic generation of task reports
      Documents immediately ready to send

    The best tracking technology

    DiotaPlayer uses Diota’s unique tracking technology. Combining robustness with pinpoint accuracy, this technology does not require any markers in the workspace. It is highly reliable.

     > Unchanged environment
     > Natural gestures and movements
     > High precision, even during movement

    Simple and intuitive, with a quick learning curve

    Targeted at users without any special expertise, DiotaPlayer is designed in an intuitive and ergonomic manner.

    The minimalist design makes use of standard icons that grant easy access to the main features and that can be retracted until they are needed.

    This makes for easy visualisation and use.

    Choose the equipment you need

    DiotaPlayer does not depend on any specific hardware device and is compatible with many standard peripherals.

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